Are you ready for a new adventure?

Welcome to Teleperformance Chania

Relocate to one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries and begin a new experience!

TP Greece offers a multicultural, multiethnic, friendly, safe, and fun workplace that strongly supports diversity and offers equal opportunities to everyone. Do you want to become part of a recognized international company that has been certified as a Great Place to Work, and has gained numerous other recognitions?

Does the idea of relocating to a country famous for its culture, food, history, landscapes and nightlife sound appealing to you?

Grab the chance to explore a new culture, meet new people, improve your foreign language skills, and enrich your CV. Step into a unique life experience abroad and discover what Greece is all about!

Are you looking for a long-term adventure? Or do you want to change your work environment? Perhaps you simply just love gyros and the Greek sun. Whatever the reason might be, you are welcome to join us!

We help you all the way to your new life in Crete!

  • We provide and book your flight ticket to Chania and arrange transport to and
    from the airport.
  • We arrange your accommodation in Crete and we cover the accommodation cost throughout your time at TP in Chania!
  • We provide a fixed base salary with performance bonus and commission
  • We provide practical help on site with everything you need to work in Greece, such as local tax procedures, obtain a local bank account, etc.
  • Our certified instructors will train you and we’ll provide all the tools you need to be able to do a really good job and develop long-term with us.
  • We arrange fun staff activities! For example. excursions to popular local
    destinations, competitions, charities and events.

What's happening at TP Chania?

Meet Liva: “Not only have I developed a lot as a person, becoming more open and less restrained, my job has also given me more confidence and the opportunity to improve myself every day”
Meet Emma: “Its really instructive and I love my work, every day gives me new opportunities and I’m looking forward to develop even more at Teleperformance.”
Meet Frida: “I have now lived and worked on Crete for over 1,5 years and I’m glad that I took the step to move.”

What's happening at TP Chania?

You are part of a customer experience team where you and your colleagues answer incoming calls, emails or chat messages from customers.

Your goal is to deliver professional and efficient customer service with high customer satisfaction as a result. Of course, you have support and coaching from team leaders and trainers on site!

To thrive in the role, you need to be service-minded and professional. You will be showing empathy, understand the customers situation and adapt to their needs while you certainly guide to a solution.


You have questions, we have answers

What are the main tasks?

One of the main tasks is to receive incoming calls from existing customers. Since we have different projects, so cases may vary from roadside assistance to TV technical support, or billing and contract issues. In many of our projects, there is a big focus on additional sales. – We will go deeper into this during your interview with us!

Does Teleperformance arrange accommodation and the flight tickets to Crete?

Yes, Teleperformance pays the accommodation during the entire period of employment and also pays the flight ticket down to Crete as well as transport to and from the airport, usually you fly 4-5 days before the training starts.

We also offer a transfer service for 40 € a month which takes you to and from work. This applies to those accommodations we have that are a far away from the office and have difficulty getting into the job with local traffic. The transfer service is voluntary, ask us if you want to take part of it!

How is the accommodation?

We have different types of accommodations which are located at different distances from the office and Chania town, you may request to live alone in a studio or with a colleague in a shared apartment. Of course, we try to place you as your request, but can’t guarantee that due to availability of the accommodations. If you live in a studio it is a smaller apartment. It is of course equipped with kitchenette and WC. If you live in a shared apartment with a colleague, the apartment is a bit larger with two separate bedrooms, a living room and a larger kitchen. The number of rooms and size varies
depending on the accommodation.

How is the accommodation equipped?

The accommodation is thoroughly equipped with, for example, kitchen utensils, simple furnishings as well as sheets and towels. If any of the basic equipment would be missing, for example plates, cutlery for etc., you need to notify the person responsible for the accommodation. Your new home is an important part of your well-being both at work and outside, so you are of course welcome to decorate it according to your own personal style.

What can I do on Crete?

There is much to do on Crete and various activities according to interest. For example, you can go canoeing, go tramping, go on a boat excursion or plan a road trip and discover and visit some of the other major cultural cities / ports on the island. In Crete there are many mountains and hiking trails, there are also water sources to visit or just watch a movie at the cinema. You can do a lot in Crete – discover Crete as you like!

You can also read more here:

Does Teleperformance organize any events or activities for the employees?

We organize different types of events and activities. Among other things, we focus very much on the environment and charity and organize activities focusing on just this. For example, we have an annual autumn / late summer and spring party. At these events we also award prizes for “colleague of the year”, “ambassador of the year” etc. Other activities we organize can be, a picnic on the beach or a boat trip on the sea. Our very own and incredibly committed activity committee plan all the activities.

What about health care?

The first day you are registered in Greece you will receive an AMKA (social security) number, this acts as a social security number in Greece. Once you have received your AMKA number you have free healthcare at the local hospitals in Crete and Greece.

Do I need a visa?

No, Greece is an EU member, so you do not need a visa. However, after 90 days you need to obtain a “Residence card” which certifies your stay and that you work in Greece.

What training opportunities are available?

For those interested in working out at the gym, we have a new and fresh gym in our office, with many different training tools. Everyone who is employed by
Teleperformance can enjoy it for free, and the gym is open 24 hours a day. For other types of activities such as football and other sports, there are different clubs you can sign up for.

I have a friend who is also interested, can I refer that person?

We are happy to hear that your friend also is interested in a new adventure! You can refer your friend and be eligible to receive a generous bonus upon your friend’s hiring!

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