Development Education


Teleperformance provides industry-leading training to its teams, stimulating personal development through an e-learning solution focused on leadership needs, with high-level courses and close monitoring.

Development & Training

At Teleperformance Greece we provide continuous development and skill training opportunities, aiming to create a place that inspires: to learn, to teach, to grow. We provide language workshops program, free Greek language courses, an e-Institute to enhance our employees’ skills and support their growth as our future leaders, an Academy exclusively designed for training initiatives and we participate in the Teleperformance University for our high-potential executives and leading managers.

  • Teleperformance Hub. TP Hub is a language workshops program designed and implemented by Teleperformance Greece in cooperation with top foreign educational Institutions and Foreign Language Institutes. It’s a program of professional development specifically designed to support skills improvement and career steps.
  • Greek Language courses. Greek courses are provided to all our expatriate colleagues who wish to learn Greek to make everyday life in Greece easier and adapt to a new environment and culture.
  • Teleperformance e-Institute. The e-Institute has been developed to enhance our employees’ skills and to support their growth as our future leaders.
    Our e-learning platform provides flexible learning paths with customized development plans according to each employee’s expectations and needs – with convenient access at anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • Teleperformance Academy. Teleperformance Academy is a place that inspires: to learn, to teach, to grow. Teleperformance Academy is a facility exclusively designed for training initiatives. We give great importance to hiring well and training well. To do so, we’ve established a unique environment that brings out the best in people. It provides the best spaces designed to inspire the transfer of knowledge and stimulate learning. Buildings with bright classrooms, spaces with natural lighting, equipped with individual and modern tools to support the learning process for our people.
  • Teleperformance University. The Teleperformance University is a customized college course that transmits culture while gathering and sharing our worldwide best practices and innovative projects in customer relationship and experience management. Our high-potential executives and leading managers have access to TP University, a personalized college course created to develop our future leaders, while ensuring that all of our teams share the same values and perfectly understand our culture. TP University was created to train our business executives in the key subjects related to managing and understanding our core business, as well as to prepare them to implement major changes in our business, totally aligned with our strategic objectives.