We love Thessaloniki

and we prove it!

Teleperformance Greece keeps growing, and our team in Thessaloniki is waiting for you!

Great Job Opportunities in Thessaloniki

Some of the world’s most famous brands trust Teleperformance Greece to offer excellent customer care, sales & technical support services, as well as content moderation for Social Media.

Therefore, by joining our strong Thessaloniki team, you will have the opportunity to enhance your resume, by working with us for the most well-known brands in the world.

We offer complete training by certified instructors as well as many career development opportunities, so this is a unique chance to advance your career!

In addition, Teleperformance Greece offers new job opportunities for people already based in Greece, providing the option to work comfortably from home.

The Teleperformance Greece family in Thessaloniki is growing. Join us!

Why Teleperformance Greece?

Teleperformance Greece is the leading Contact Center in Greece and one of the largest omnichannel and multilingual contact centers, with a clientele that includes some of the largest brands in the world. A member of the multinational Teleperformance Group, our company has been the largest telephone and internet customer support and customer service company in Greece for more than 30 years.

We have a total of 6 Multilingual Hubs in Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania and we employ more than 12.000 employees, who provide services to clients in 42+ different languages.

Our people provide Customer Experience Services (Customer Care, Technical Support, Tele-Sales, Tele-Collections), Back-Office Services (Content Moderation, Industry-specific services, Human Resources Management, Visa application Management & Consulate Services) and Knowledge Services (Consulting, Advanced analytics, Intelligent automation) οn behalf of the world’s leading companies.

Teleperformance Greece is a major international career destination, winning several awards including Best Multilingual Contact Center Hub in Europe and Best Place to Work in Greece.

Build a successful career path
We provide numerous professional growth and development opportunities.
Give a boost to your CV
You have the chance to work for the world’s leading brands!
Gain exclusive benefits
Let alone the 2 extra salaries per year, as well as the special discounts for medical services.
Enjoy the modern premises
Teleperformance Greece is an awarded Best Place to Work.
Take part in special events and initiatives
Fostering team building, wellbeing, and work-life balance.

Why Thessaloniki?

Being the second-largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki is considered a Great Place to Live and Work. It is an important trade and business hub in the Balkans, has one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, and forms a great student center in Southeastern Europe. Our Campus in the City is a state-of-art- Multilingual Hub. with a growing number of interaction Experts who currently provide Customer Care, Technical Support, and Customer Acquisition services for some of the world’s top brands.

A Business location, a University City, walkable with stunning views, plenty of sites to see, exciting nightlife, and high-quality cuisine, Thessaloniki is a cultural giant one must explore, and Teleperformance is already there!

Live well
The city is famous for its cuisine, nightlife and its countless destinations for excursions.
The locals are always friendly and hospitable and the city is home of two major universities and thousands of students.
Walk and ride more
The city is totally walkable and is perfect for bicycle riders.
Spread your wings
The Airport is just 30 minutes away from the city center
Beat the blues
Live in one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and enjoy and walk by the seaside in a few minutes.
Be on the budget
Average living expenses in Thessaloniki are significantly lower compared to other cities, especially in the housing market.


How can I spend my free time in Thessaloniki?

We can assure you that your stay in Thessaloniki will be a time to remember. Enjoy leisurely strolls along the scenic waterfront and immerse yourself in the city’s reach history. Taste the flavors of Greek cuisine at local eateries and explore the diverse neighborhoods for hidden gems around the city. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of live music and nightlife in the bustling city center.

Does Teleperformance organize any events or activities for the employees in Thessaloniki?

Most of the events and initiatives that are organized by Teleperformance Greece take place in Thessaloniki as well. This includes both physical events, like games, tournaments, decorations, treats and giveaways, as well as digital initiatives, in which all employees of Teleperformance Greece can take part, no matter where they live.

What about health care for the employees of Teleperformance in Thessaloniki?

Teleperformance Greece provides a health benefits package to all its employees, no matter where they live or work from. This includes benefits through our collaboration with doctoranytime at work (free online chat with pathologists, free video calls with psychologists, free video calls with nutritionists and video calls with doctors special prices), discounts and special prices for medical consultations, examinations and other services through our collaboration with Affidea, as well as free access to a 24/7 Counseling Support Line and a Nutrition Counseling Line for all employees and their first-degree relatives.

I have a friend who is also interested, can I refer that person?

You are more than welcome to invite your friends to join Teleperformance! You can easily refer them and be eligible to receive a generous bonus upon your friend’s hiring on top of that! Find out more about our referral scheme: https://jobsteleperformance.com/employee-referrals/

Are there any activities provided for someone who is into fitness?

There are activities organized for employees who are into fitness, like sports tournaments (e.g. bowling, football tournament etc.). Moreover, we offer discounts in various categories including fitness through our Employee Discount Book, e.g. gym discounts and free gym membership for one month for all employees of Teleperformance Greece.