The value of diversity

Teleperformance Greece is a human oriented company. Thus, our attention is on delivering the best possible working experience, empowering diversity, and inclusion. The different approach given by gender, nationality, religion, culture, and age go beyond the functional need of a multilingual service hub for our company and are a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.

Our staff is our strength

Today, we employ more than 12,500 professionals of 109 nationalities, who speak over 42 different languages ​​and dialects and serve more than 140 markets in 9 different hubs across Greece. Furthermore, we work with people of all age groups, emphasizing their special characteristics and not exclusively their work experience. We also provide the opportunity to young people to enter the labor market with no degree requirement.


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Teleperformance is committed to diversity and inclusion and continues to set sights on empowering LGBTQ+ communities, while celebrating each and everyone's own uniqueness. TP Pride is committed to nurture a culture where employees can bring their authentic selves to work, as each day we try to take a step closer towards a more equal world. Having proudly signed the Diversity Charter (PDF), Teleperformance Greece invests in initiatives to build a strong team of people with unique characteristics and diverse life experiences and to provide them with the opportunity to develop their talent and skills, grow professionally and achieve their goals.

TP Women

Among our top strategic priorities is to promote and achieve gender equality and thus, through TP Women,
a global initiative aimed at women’s empowerment, 54% of our employees are women, while 48% of senior management positions are made up of women.

We are committed to creating a great place to work for women as our TP Women initiative creates a more gender-diverse workforce and a gender-sensitive leadership culture and accelerates the promotion of women. It aims to address the objection women face in the workplace and shift positive change. We believe there is great value in driving these conversations and being agents of change in our industry and all over the world.

Celebrating Gender Equality

Imagine a world where men and women are truly equal; a society free of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; a multiculturalfair, and inclusive world; a society that values and embraces diversity.

Although many believe that stereotypes connected to certain careers have been eliminated, studies and behaviors contradict this notion. Teleperformance Greece launched a campaign to raise awareness about these biases. A diverse group of employees was the perfect sample for our experiment. The paradox of the riddle was as follows.

The captain’s son has a father who works for a consulting company. How is this possible?

Women captains are a reality, but not easily imagined because of existing prejudices. With our actions, we can combat them, change mindsets, and fight unconscious bias in all its forms.

Impact Sourcing

Since 2020, we have implemented an ‘Impact Sourcing’ plan in collaboration with competent bodies, organizations, and NGOs, to attract socially disadvantaged candidates and offer them the opportunity to (re)enter the labor market. About 13% of our employees identify themselves as belonging to a vulnerable social group. More precisely, there are more than 1.300 that feel this way and the number is constantly increasing. Through our Impact Sourcing program, we embrace and support the inclusion of people that belong to socially disadvantaged groups and minorities (people with disabilities, refugees, people living in poverty, long-term unemployed and young people without a diploma) to make a difference in customer experience market and a long-lasting impact on local communities.

A multinational environment

At Teleperformance Greece, we believe that every employee should be part of our continuous learning and development process, while we strongly support and promote transparency.

To engage our employees, entertain them and keep them informed about company news, events, and activities, we have introduced the TP Radio initiative all over Europe, the corporate radio station that plays music from around the world. This initiative strengthens our multiculturalism and diversity approach, while bringing together all Teleperformance subsidiaries under an online entertainment and engagement platform.

Other activities include welcome events to ensure a smooth adaptation of new employees, bringing them in contact with the local culture, free language courses to help them integrate more easily into the Greek society, and team-building activities to enhance their interaction and cultural exchange, while assisting them in maintaining an excellent work-life balance.

Each interaction matters

Our core values align with integrity, respect, fairness, inclusion and equality and we work continuously and relentlessly to provide a work environment that supports diversity.

For all of us at Teleperformance Greece, this effort never stops. We will continue to adopt practices that eliminate discrimination and promote tolerance and awareness of major social stereotypes.

After all, our business is built on interactions with our customers. Good interaction is based on understanding each other and showing empathy, as well as showing tolerance and embracing differences. That’s why Teleperformance Greece takes diversity very seriously. Because each interaction matters.

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