Celebrating, Supporting, and Empowering Women!

Aiming at addressing the challenges women experience in the workplace and fostering a gender inclusive work culture, we have developed the TP Women initiative. We recognize the high importance of elevating discussions around the empowerment of women and their promotion into decision-making positions and we take on the role of catalysts for change both in our industry and in the communities where we operate.  

Because for us at Teleperformancethere are no gender labels. Through the implementation of the TP Women initiative, as well as other programs that focus on ensuring equal opportunities in the workplace, we actively demonstrate our commitment to supporting the advancement of women and raising awareness around gender equality. This is a reflection of our company’s core values that strongly support diversity, equity, and inclusion

It is worth referring to the numbers; 54% of our employees are women, while 48% of our leadership positions are held by women, through the implementation of the TP Women initiative. Increasing equal participation at all levels paves the way for the creation of a more positive and collaborative work environment, in which communication, growth, respect and empowerment are highly valued.

Uncovering Hidden Biases- International Women's Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, our 2024 initiative focuses on uncovering hidden biases, promoting gender equality, and encouraging unity between genders. We recognize the power of diversity and mutual support, aspiring to create a world where every voice is valued and aspirations are achievable.

Gender Unity for Gender Equality

To shed light on latent biases, we collaborated with three influencers to engage their audiences. Through the presentation of specific details within images, followers were prompted to perceive a broader narrative. What insightful stories did these followers uncover?

Together, let’s challenge traditional norms and contribute to a fairer and more inclusive world. By working collectively, we can dismantle unconscious biases and cultivate an environment where each individual is appreciated and empowered.

An Insightful Discussion About The Role of Leadership in Achieving a Gender Inclusive Work Culture

CEO of Teleperformance Greece, Charlotte Foucteau in a discussion

CEO of Teleperformance Greece, Charlotte Foucteau, welcomed Dekyi Boorsma, Director of Customer Service EMEA of Netflix, in Athens for a thoughtful discussion on the topic:“Unlocking the Potential of Women: the Role of Leadership in Achieving a Gender-Inclusive Future”

Watch in full the inspiring webinar discussion below and find out more about the issues raised by the two leaders on gender inclusivity in the workplace, gender biases, as well as their personal experiences throughout their career paths.

TP Women Principles

Our guiding principles around women empowerment.


We are committed to establishing high-level corporate leadership and accountability for gender equality. To achieve this goal, we measure our progress diligently and publicly report on it. Through proactive initiatives and advocacy, we strive to ensure that opportunities are equally distributed.


Awareness is the first step towards change. TP Women offers internal training programs, campaigns and initiatives that address implicit bias and gender-related issues for both men and women. By raising awareness within our organization, we foster a culture of inclusion and respect.

Development and Promotion

We believe in the power of education, training, and professional development. TP Women actively promotes these opportunities for women, enabling them to advance their careers and reach their full potential. By investing in their growth, we invest in a more equitable future.


We are committed to treating all women and men fairly at work, ensuring that every member of our team feels safe, valued, and supported. We prioritize the well-being of all workers because a fair workplace is a thriving workplace.

The riddle of Gender Equality unpacked!

Celebrating Gender Equality

Imagine a world where men and women are truly equal; a society free of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; a multicultural, fair, and inclusive world; a society that values and embraces diversity.

Although many believe that stereotypes connected to certain careers have been eliminated, studies and behaviors contradict this notion. Teleperformance Greece launched a campaign to raise awareness about these biases. A diverse group of employees was the perfect sample for our experiment. The paradox of the riddle was as follows.

The captain’s son has a father who works for a consulting company. How is this possible?

Women captains are a reality, but not easily imagined because of existing prejudices. With our actions, we can combat them, change mindsets, and fight unconscious bias in all its forms.