About Teleperformance Greece

With Teleperformance, the sky is the limit.

Any goal you have for your business we can help you reach it. We are motivated by a deep desire to provide our clients with real results and a passion to achieve the impossible.

Our team of interaction specialists connects the most well-known and prestigious businesses in the world with their customers, always making sure that “each interaction matters”. Because of our excellent people skills, we have an edge over our competition in delivering top-notch customer service in every connection.

As a people-centered business, we cherish our employees and are eager to help them in achieving their full potential and development to follow their unique Career Path. By providing equal opportunities to everyone, Teleperformance Greece is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that will support a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the organizational level. Moreover, at Teleperformance Greece, diversity is embraced and supports the values of inclusion and teamwork. It creates relationships of trust, while not categorizing its human resources based on “gender”, “ethnicity” or “color”.

Around this philosophy, the company organizes and implements various initiatives aimed at the greatest possible positive social and environmental impact on local communities.

Establishing strong, digitally driven ties with your customers

While you concentrate on expanding your company, we’ll take care of the daily operations. Teleperformance is a global leader of business services with digital integration.

We offer end-to-end service delivery, which includes solution design, business optimization and transformation strategies, customer support and customer journey management, integration of back-office operations, and tech support. We offer the most extensive service portfolio on the market, because of our more than 40 years of deep, sector-specific expertise and service innovation.

Enhancing CX for the future with our high-tech, high-touch strategy

At Teleperformance Greece, we are aware that human empathy and talent are the real protagonists. We have been bridging the gap between the world’s largest brands and their consumers. As a result, we have developed into an intuitive company with the ideal blend of the most recent “High Tech” capabilities, such as AI, Advanced Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and Digitization, which ensures success for our clients.

Teleperformance Greece is focused on developing transformation strategies that enhance customer experience, increase effectiveness, lower support costs, and investigate new opportunities.

About Us

Teleperformance Greece is a leading provider of digitally integrated business and customer experience services.

We are a Great Place to Work-Certified Company, and we are committed to providing our employees with a safe and comfortable working environment. We are dedicated to helping our employees grow and develop their skills. We offer free online Greek language courses, as well as special events and community & social responsibility initiatives.

We were the very first company to introduce contact center outsourcing in the local market and have been the indisputable local leader of it till this day. Teleperformance has a vast array of clients representing a wide variety of industries, such as:


Our Premises

We are proud to offer our employees a great working environment with state-of-the-art premises, providing a relaxing atmosphere with break areas. At Teleperformance Greece, we strive to create an “Open to All” workplace, where diversity is embraced and equal opportunities are provided to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, or age.

In full alignment with the Group’s Performance Management Process and Standards, Teleperformance Greece operates today out of 7 Multilingual Hubs: four in Athens (Moschato, and Piraeus cities), one in Thessaloniki and two more in Crete island (Chania city), with a combined capacity of more than 12,000 Interaction Experts who work there.

Our sites are compatible with the Sustainability principle and we are targeting to have achieved net-zero emissions by 2040.

Besides our physical premises, Teleperformance Greece is fully aligned with the trend of WFH as well, offering WAHA job positions too.

The Teleperformance Experience

Teleperformance offers a relocation program to some of its job positions. Applicants who are interested in jobs in Greece and are willing to relocate to Athens, Thessaloniki, or Chania can find more information on each opening they are applying for. The benefits provided include:

Relocation & Induction

Above Average Wage, Remuneration of Transportation & Hotel costs, Extra Private Health insurance package, House Search & Free Real Estate Agency fee, Teleperformance Apartments, Adaptation to Greek Culture and Greek language Courses, Welcome Events/ On boarding process / Parties, Social & Sports Events

Administrative & Legal Support

Hiring Process (gathering forms, filling out documents), Insurance/ Tax numbers / Social security procedures, Residence & work permit / Visa issues, Bank Account Openings


The largest and most reputable businesses on the planet relate to their customers through our team of interaction professionals, always making sure that every connection matters.

Our competence in interpersonal connection provides us with the advantage of providing a greater client experience during every engagement.

To gain a better knowledge of customers’ attitudes, actions, and demands across various nations, industries, channels, and generations, we continually invest in research and development.

We can successfully provide unique connections across the world thanks to our expertise, technology, and market skills, which have been developed over many years of experience.


Cosmos | Integrity

Absolute. Harmonious. Universal.
I say what I do, I do what I say.


Earth | Respect

Deep. Nurturing. Abundant.
treat others with kindness
and empathy.


Metal | Profesisonalism

Crafted. Solid. Reliable.
I do things right the very first time.


Air | Innovation

Inspiring. Renewing. Dynamic.
I create & improve.


Fire | Commitment

Steady. Strong. Radiant.
I’m passionate & engaged.