Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We care

Teleperformance works to improve business results and also to support people.

We invite friends and families to join us in our efforts to aid those in need through our charitable activities, to protect nature and lessen our impact on the environment, and to commit to human rights, labor, environmental and anti-corruption principles. We try to make a positive difference in people’s lives and make the world a better place through three different programs: Citizen of the World, Citizen of the Planet and The Global Compact.

Citizen of the World: A Teleperformance Charitable Initiative

Citizen of the World (COTW) was established in 2006 as Teleperformance’s charitable initiative to help the world’s most vulnerable infants and children, meet basic survival needs and ultimately reach their individual potential. Our core objectives are to make Teleperformance’s charitable efforts systematic and participative for all Teleperformance people and entities; to unite in a worthy, common cause compatible with local needs; to maximize giving levels and encourage our colleagues, clients, and other audiences to join our significant humanitarian commitment; and to elevate the pride, loyalty, and satisfaction of our people.

$34,623,073in total donations* to help underprivileged people or victims of natural disasters
435,521underprivileged infants and children received toys during the holiday season
394,233infants and children were fed through several monthly feeding programs
18,301computers were donated to impoverished schools

* Includes total donations from November 1, 2006 – December 31, 2017. *Total donations includes cash + in-kind + services.

In its 11th year, COTW continues to help children and communities. This Corporate Social Responsibility program is part of our ongoing effort to support the places where we work and live.

In 2017, our total measured carbon emissions were 156,919 tons with a carbon footprint per employee (CFE) of 0.772 tons.

Citizen of the Planet:
A Global Corporate Initiative

It is our commitment to minimize negative environmental impacts by acting in a sustainable manner to ensure future generations have the ability to meet their own needs. Citizen of the Planet (COTP) is a global corporate initiative, implemented in 2008, aimed at ensuring that Teleperformance operates in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

In a combined effort we commit to helping our planet by improving facilities to create “sustainable sites” (i.e., water, paper and other waste reductions), as well as recycling, and incentivizing energy and atmosphere improvements. Teleperformance encourages its sites to continuously improve their impact on their local habitats.

A key focus is to track and minimize our overall carbon footprint per employee on a worldwide basis by reducing energy consumption, paper use and solid waste generation, air travel, and water use.

2017 Carbon Footprint in Metric Tons % of Total Carbon Footprint per Source

0.772 tonsCarbon Footprint per Employee
0.34%527 Paper
90.53%142,062 Electricity
9.13%14,330 Air Travel

Global Compact: A Strategic Policy Initiative of the United Nations

The Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative of the United Nations to align businesses with human rights, labor, environmental, and anti-corruption principles. It is a commitment that ensures markets, commerce, technology, and finance advance to benefit economies and societies worldwide. To help us embrace and adhere to the universal principles of the UN Global Compact, we formally launched our Global Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (“Global CSR Committee” or “Committee”). This Committee is responsible for creating and overseeing the worldwide Group CSR strategy efforts, including developing the necessary policies and ensuring compliance.

Our social responsibility community initiatives:

Reforestations and forest cleaning actions
Beach cleaning
Earth Hour activities
Stray animal adoptions
Blood Drives and Blood Bank
Donations to those in need
Participations in running for a good cause races
Awareness activities in the context of global days

Teleperformance in Greece has been running a series of events in order to promote diversity and to bring people from different cultures together. Each month, employees celebrate a different region (Africa, Asia, Europe, and America), inviting people to a journey of traditional taste, music, and dance. Teleperformance in Greece seeks to build cultural awareness by promoting diversity and respect in a multi-cultural environment.

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