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It is not a place to visit. It is workplace 🙂 2017, it was the best workplace in Greece ( Awarded ). If you are looking a job in Athens, contact! I can help you 🙂read more
Alper Yıldırım
Alper Yıldırım
08:07 11 Aug 19
Real nice place to work at!
Ramiar farajpour
Ramiar farajpour
11:36 04 Aug 19
Modern Building. Very nice environment to work in.
Ilias Giannoulidis
Ilias Giannoulidis
04:45 29 Jul 19
Best place to work! I have been with the company for a little more than a year now and can surely see myself working here for 40 more years! Career paths available for growth within the organisation, Great benefits, High salary for Greek standards, International and multi cultural work environment; did I tell you the offices look AMAZING? Believe me, they do!read more
Anthony Zschusschen
Anthony Zschusschen
12:19 03 Jun 19
Organized work place on the main aveniou of pireos
Halil A
Halil A
11:58 15 May 19
Great location, great place to work, staff are fantastic.Love it so much
Joshua Griffin
Joshua Griffin
15:08 30 Apr 19
Best organisation in Greece by far. Jobs are inhuman but company delivers all that it promises.
Nicolas Protonotarios
Nicolas Protonotarios
05:45 12 Apr 19
If you speak a European language plus English fluently, we can find you a job in this great company. We are official more
Great Jobs in Europe
Great Jobs in Europe
08:03 29 Mar 19
Great location, great place to work, staff are fantastic.
Robyn Gatenby
Robyn Gatenby
23:09 16 Mar 19
Offices are open and spaciuos and the employees are generally good-spirited.
Jan Rasmussen
Jan Rasmussen
17:39 22 Dec 18
Nice to work here! Multi cultural people from all the world!
Gerrit Kraai
Gerrit Kraai
22:46 06 Dec 18
Best place to work in greece 2017
Mohamed Nassero Dean Henchiri
Mohamed Nassero Dean Henchiri
15:53 22 Nov 18
Very nice company helpful they let you feel welcoming
Abdo Abosher
Abdo Abosher
22:40 04 Aug 18
The better way from Monica the bus 049 omonia Piraeus in the station Tavros get down and so one minute you will arrive in your destinationread more
Gabriela Hidalgo
Gabriela Hidalgo
05:38 28 Jul 18
The 24-h call centre is a Best Place to Work, and has been awarded as such. The working experience varies from one department to another, but one thing is certain: Getting paid on the scheduled date of the month, everything is done legally and the employees receive ticket bonuses, on top of their normal salary, in amounts that are based on their productivity. It is an amazing multinational experience. Events happen frequently more
Vicky Vigile
Vicky Vigile
14:53 04 Jan 18

Team Activities

We want our people to be inspired and motivated. We want them to feel proud to belong to our team, that’s why we invest so much in our programs, relationship initiatives, and internal campaigns. We work hard to create the best place for them.

The Teleperformance For Fun Festival is an annual festival recognizing and celebrating the unique artistic talents of our people around the world.

The Teleperformance Sport Club is a worldwide program promoting sports as a tool for physical well-being and higher quality of life, and motivating our people to play, have fun, and share good moments with their teammates. We care about the health and happiness of our employees, and sports provide a great way to experience healthy activities while celebrating our national and cultural diversity and the incredible talent that is present throughout the global Teleperformance team.

teleperformance jobs

Having the proven ability to recruit and retain highly skilled top performers, proud to be recognized (once more in 2017) as a Best WorkPlace in Greece, with state-of-the-art technology Campuses (all with active BCP, DRP and Security processes based on PCI DSS & ISO 27001 standards) and -most of all- with a Performance Driven Orientation that results to the consistent achievement of KPIs, CSAT, ESAT, NPS & QA scoring; Teleperformance in Greece.

Passion 4U is a worldwide initiative to promote well-being and a higher quality of life by sharing topics related to good health and minimizing employee stress. Passion 4U reinforces the true meaning of “pride in belonging,” bringing a new look to the anti-stress initiatives of Teleperformance Group, including promoting good health, fitness activities and happiness at work.

Create a job-ready resume in minutes.

Get hired faster with a standout resume & CV. Presenting a polished and professional introduction is just as important as having the chops to back it up.

#Teleperformance is all about people. Via the #DiversiTP project, we introduce our people from the Team TP across the world! Let’s meet Dijana, from Sarajevo. She's working as Desktop Engineer, "which makes me very happy, like listening to music", she says. "After many countries from Serbia, Canada to Afghanistan, Jordan, Uzbekistan where I lived and worked, finally, I am back to my hometown where I have found home for future to come. Teleperformance with all its diversity, work challenges and positive atmosphere feels like my second home and my happy future. 😊 ❤ “, says Dijana. You can meet her at TP Sarajevo, BiH.
#Diversitymatters. Be different, be unique, be a part of our family!

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Every single interaction starts with a "Hi". Every interaction, every "Hi" is unique and, you know, #Teleperformance is all about being unique. At TP, #eachInteractionMatters and all of us have our own special way to #sayHi in every single interaction. Let’s meet Nurhene, one of our colleagues in #TeleperformanceGreece 😀 #EverythingStartsWithHi #DiversityMatters #TeleperformanceCares ...

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There’s a lot of evidence that #laughter does good things for us, such as reducing pain and stress, boosting immunity, and increasing resilience. Make #humor a priority. Laugh at yourself and share laughter with everybody. #TeleperformanceCares #Passion4U ...

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Give yourself the chance to succeed!
Start your career life representing the world’s biggest brands and develop your skills.
Step forward and work in a company that builds #TPBornTalents
Join the #TeleperformanceGreece family and flourish because #SkyistheLimit
Find out our openings at

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On 10 December 1948 the @unitednations adopted the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. The UN recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. But still not every child gets to enjoy a full childhood. Still, too many childhoods are cut short. It is up to our generation to demand that leaders and communities take action for #childrights now, once and for all. Every Child, has Every Right. Today is #HumanRights Day.
Read more on how you can help:

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At TLScontact, employees have several opportunities to further hone their skills and advance their careers. Watch this video of one of our colleagues as she shares what it’s like to work at #TLS. #TeleperformanceCares ...

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#Quoteoftheday #Inspiration #Quotes #FoodForThought #TPGreece #TeleperformanceGreece #Motivation ...

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Children are the light of the world, so make sure they’re happy and cheerful this holiday season. Donate toys to the needy through #TPJoyHolidayDrive today! It’s all about caring. Find out more:
#CSR #COTW #TeleperformanceCares

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We love Thessaloniki and we prove it! #Teleperformance Greece is growing bigger and our #Thessaloniki team is getting stronger!
Work in a company as #unique as you are. Join the #TeleperformanceGreece family in Thessaloniki and flourish!
Follow the link to find out our #career opportunities:
#ThessalonikiJobs #TeleperformanceCares #HiringNow

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Every single interaction starts with a "Hi". Every interaction, every "Hi" is unique and, you know, #Teleperformance is all about being unique. At TP, #eachInteractionMatters and all of us have our own special way to #sayHi in every single interaction. Let’s meet Mizuki, one of our colleagues in #TeleperformanceGreece 😀 #EverythingStartsWithHi #DiversityMatters #TeleperformanceCares ...

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#Teleperformance is all about people. Via the #DiversiTP project, we introduce our people from the Team TP across the world! Let’s meet Viktoria, who during her 12 years in Teleperformance, Viktoria has had a fantastic journey through several different departments and roles. She first started as a Customer Service representative. Her career journey has led her from becoming a team Supervisor, then an Assistant Contact Center Manager to her current role as CCManager. “The best thing about working in Teleperformance is the people! Getting to see people grow professionally and taking on new roles,” says Viktoria.
Viktoria likes to meet up with friends. She also spends her free time learning programming and is also very interested in interior design.
You can meet Viktoria at TP Oslo, Norway.
#Diversitymatters. Be different, be unique, be a part of our family!

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Our culture of innovation, gender equality, inclusion, and #diversity makes us a strong, innovative family. At #TPWomen, we celebrate and respect our many differences so we continue to grow, enabling us to deliver simpler, faster, and safer interactions. Cheers to all the #women at #Teleperformance! #DiversityMatters #TeleperformanceCares ...

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Every single interaction starts with a "Hi". Every interaction, every "Hi" is unique and, you know, #Teleperformance is all about being unique. At TP, #eachInteractionMatters and all of us have our own special way to #sayHi in every single interaction. Let’s meet Julia, one of our colleagues in #TeleperformanceGreece 😀 #EverythingStartsWithHi #DiversityMatters #TeleperformanceCares ...

29 2

Together, we can help our local communities have a wonderful time during the holidays. Deliver joy and make a child smile by donating toys! #TPJoyHolidayDrive! Let’s donate! Your participation is important in making the world a better place.
#EachInteractionMatters #TeleperformanceCares #COTW #CSR

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At least 10% of the world's population, or 650 million people, live with a disability. Today is the International Day of People with #Disabilities, which stands by its conviction that a person is not inherently #disabled…disability is NOT a feature of a person. People have health impairments: some of us need wheelchairs to mobilise; some of us need seeing-eye dogs; some of us need assistive technology – just like some of us need glasses to read. Let’s make sure that environmental and social BARRIERS are removed. By overcoming #barriers, then we eradicate disablement. #TeleperformanceCares ...

55 1

Are you ready to take the digital plunge? With our #hightech, #hightouch approach, we will discover how to deliver simpler, faster, and safer interactions. Welcome to the Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center at the heart of Silicon Valley! #Teleperformance #EachInteractionMatters

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Yesterday was the #WorldAidsDay. Of the 37.9 million people living with HIV at the end of 2018, 79% received testing, 62% received treatment, and 53% had achieved suppression of the HIV virus with reduced risk of infecting others. Let’s join the global awareness campaign to strengthen primary health care. For us at #Teleperformance Greece the fight against #HIV is a constant struggle; #TPGreece provides free HIV tests to all our colleagues and that’s because #TeleperformanceCares ...

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Life is all about interactions.
Would you like to see how can each interaction matter?
Join our interactive workshop at @TEDxUniversityofMacedonia
tomorrow, 30th of November at NOESIS in Thessaloniki. 😀
#EachInteractionMatters #Teleperformance

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#Teleperformance is all about people. Via the #DiversiTP project, we introduce our people from the Team TP across the world! Let’s meet Jacques, who joined Teleperformance as an agent. A few months later, he seized a career opportunity to launch the General Services Department from scratch on the site of Laval. His scope of action extends from the purchase of staples to the important investments management which can reach hundreds of thousands euros. What Jacques enjoys the most is the variety of his missions, the ambiance of the site and the opportunities to grow that offers Teleperformance. You can meet Jacques at TP France.
#Diversitymatters. Be different, be unique, be a part of our family!

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Teleperformance is the biggest ECCCSA 2019 Winner!

Teleperformance was finalists in thirteen categories of ECCCSA awards and the best company across six categories in 2019! The winners

Building TP Born Talents

Teleperformance Greece invests in young people by offering numerous job opportunities with a clear and significant development and career path!

“Being a woman has never been an obstacle”

Eleni Trichaki has been working in TP Greece since July 2012. She started as an advisor and she’s currently a

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