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Real Reviews from Real People

Best organisation in Greece by far. Jobs are inhuman but company delivers all that it promises.
Nicolas Protonotarios
Nicolas Protonotarios
05:45 12 Apr 19
If you speak a European language plus English fluently, we can find you a job in this great company. We are official more
Great Jobs in Europe
Great Jobs in Europe
08:03 29 Mar 19
Best place to work! I have been with the company for a little more than a year now and can surely see myself working here for 40 more years! Career paths available for growth within the organization, Great benefits, High salary for Greek standards, International and multi cultural work environment; did I tell you the offices look AMAZING? Believe me, they do!read more
Anthony Zschusschen
Anthony Zschusschen
09:24 25 Mar 19
Great place to work.
Sophia Sarri
Sophia Sarri
06:00 19 Mar 19
Great location, great place to work, staff are fantastic.
Robyn Gatenby
Robyn Gatenby
23:09 16 Mar 19
Offices are open and spaciuos and the employees are generally good-spirited.
Jan Rasmussen
Jan Rasmussen
17:39 22 Dec 18
Nice to work here! Multi cultural people from all the world!
Gerrit Kraai
Gerrit Kraai
22:46 06 Dec 18
Best place to work in greece 2017
Mohamed Nassero Dean Henchiri
Mohamed Nassero Dean Henchiri
15:53 22 Nov 18
Worked here for 2 years , good place to work and learned a lot. Payment are good and lots of nice people work here from all over the world. No regretsread more
Gerrit Kraai
Gerrit Kraai
15:24 02 Sep 18
Very nice company helpful they let you feel welcoming
Abdo Abosher
Abdo Abosher
22:40 04 Aug 18
The better way from Monica the bus 049 omonia Piraeus in the station Tavros get down and so one minute you will arrive in your destinationread more
Gabriela Hidalgo
Gabriela Hidalgo
05:38 28 Jul 18
Amazing glass building with a inside cafe and relaxation place. Strict clean desk policy in the production, strict supervisors and management, which in many occasions are less educated and advanced than you. But most important, its in Athens, and you simply have to love Athens. 🙂read more
Boris Bogataj
Boris Bogataj
07:46 17 Feb 18
The 24-h call centre is a Best Place to Work, and has been awarded as such. The working experience varies from one department to another, but one thing is certain: Getting paid on the scheduled date of the month, everything is done legally and the employees receive ticket bonuses, on top of their normal salary, in amounts that are based on their productivity. It is an amazing multinational experience. Events happen frequently more
Vicky Vigile
Vicky Vigile
14:53 04 Jan 18

Team Activities

We want our people to be inspired and motivated. We want them to feel proud to belong to our team, that’s why we invest so much in our programs, relationship initiatives, and internal campaigns. We work hard to create the best place for them.

The Teleperformance For Fun Festival is an annual festival recognizing and celebrating the unique artistic talents of our people around the world.

The Teleperformance Sport Club is a worldwide program promoting sports as a tool for physical well-being and higher quality of life, and motivating our people to play, have fun, and share good moments with their teammates. We care about the health and happiness of our employees, and sports provide a great way to experience healthy activities while celebrating our national and cultural diversity and the incredible talent that is present throughout the global Teleperformance team.

teleperformance jobs

Having the proven ability to recruit and retain highly skilled top performers, proud to be recognized (once more in 2017) as a Best WorkPlace in Greece, with state-of-the-art technology Sites (all with active BCP, DRP and Security processes based on PCI DSS & ISO 27001 standards) and -most of all- with a Performance Driven Orientation that results to the consistent achievement of KPIs, CSAT, ESAT, NPS & QA scoring; Teleperformance in Greece.

Passion 4U is a worldwide initiative to promote well-being and a higher quality of life by sharing topics related to good health and minimizing employee stress. Passion 4U reinforces the true meaning of “pride in belonging,” bringing a new look to the anti-stress initiatives of Teleperformance Group, including promoting good health, fitness activities and happiness at work.

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