Health & Wellbeing


Fostering Enthusiasm

At Teleperformance, we are all about sparking the flames of enthusiasm within our people! We don’t just work together; we have fun together too. From fun events to exciting activities, we believe that happy and inspired employees are the true masters of success.

Fulfillment at work

Wellbeing is not a task; it’s our mission. We go beyond the ordinary, curating an exceptional work environment, launching health and wellness initiatives, and championing senior management programs. Every Teleperformance Greece employees enjoy a personalized health benefits package, boasting exclusive discounts on medical visits, check-ups, examinations, and even gym memberships.

Engage with expert knowledge through our webinars and seminars covering various aspects of health. Our Counseling Support and Nutrition Counseling Lines are your lifelines, available to both employees and their first-degree relatives. Need assistance? Our dedicated nursing staff, occupational doctor, Health & Safety, and First Aid teams have got you covered.

A Great Workplace for all!

Our wellness endeavors don’t go unnoticed. Teleperformance Greece proudly wears the badge of a “Great Place to Work” award recipient, reflecting our commitment to creating an exceptional workplace experience.


of our employees’ state that Teleperformance is a physically safe place to work.


of our employees believe that they are treated fairly, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender and race.


of our employees feel welcome within the company.

Experience Health Week at Teleperformance: Engaged, Educated, and Energized

At Teleperformance, we prioritize the health and wellness of our team members. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our annual Health Week—a dynamic series of activities designed to boost the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our employees.

  • Relaxation Techniques: Our Health Week kicked off with massages chair provided by certified physical therapists.
  • Ergonomic Best Practices: Team members delved into the realm of correct posture and breathing techniques to optimize comfort and productivity in the workplace.
  • Nutrition Tips: We hosted insightful webinars focused on raising awareness about nutrition and providing practical tips for healthy eating habits for all our employees.
  • Mental Health Awareness: Engaging online talks on topics such as “Balancing Real and Digital Life” and “Managing Work Stress” empowered our team members to prioritize mental wellness.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Experience the rush of adrenaline as our employees navigated a realistic fire simulation, ensuring they’re equipped to handle unexpected situations with confidence.
  • First Aid Training: From Karpa Hands-Only CPR to sessions on dealing with fainting and debunking common first aid myths, our comprehensive training left participants feeling empowered to respond effectively in emergencies.

Our interactive and educational approach ensured that every participant not only gained valuable knowledge but also had a fantastic time doing so. Get ready to engage, enhance, and elevate your wellbeing with us!

Health, Happiness, and a Dash of Sports

At Teleperformance, Sports are a great way to promote physical health and a better life. We encourage our employees to play, have fun, and bond with their colleagues through sports. We value our employees’ health and happiness, and sports are a great way to enjoy healthy activities while celebrating our diverse backgrounds and the incredible talents of our global team at Teleperformance.

Work That Feels Like Fun!

Our workplace is a canvas for creating memories. Corporate events and parties are our way of inviting you to unwind, connect, and have a blast with your colleagues. Together, we celebrate the extraordinary days, events, and holidays. Festive decorations, treats, and giveaways turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

We don’t just work; we weave ourselves into the fabric of our community. Our employees participate in national cultural and athletic events like the Athens Authentic Marathon, Greece Race for the Cure, and Athens Pride. Together, we give back through tree planting, beach clean-ups, and more.

Unlock the Benefits: Employees’ Discounts and Development

Our Employee Discount Book opens doors to exclusive discounts across various categories. At Teleperformance Greece, learning never stops. Dive into our training, seminars, webinars, and workshops to enhance your skills and knowledge.

And for those looking to master the art of Greek, our free Greek courses cater to all levels. From beginners to advanced, embark on a linguistic journey through our asynchronous e-learning platform and live online lessons.

Teleperformance For
Fun Festival

Teleperformance continues to bring everyone together to our global stage where creativity and talent shine: the For Fun Festival (FFF)! The FFF has been creating smiles and celebrating everyone’s unique talents. At Teleperformance, we nurture a creative atmosphere and believe it is possible to have fun at work. The Teleperformance For Fun Festival (FFF) is a global annual program to revel in our team’s talent, allowing them to express their artistic skills in art, dance, and music. The For Fun Festival promotes pride in the Teleperformance family and celebrates our cultural diversity.