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Teleperformance Athens

Excellent4.3 Based on 942 reviews from review us onJere ErkinheimoJere Erkinheimo ★★★★★ Takai ShimaTakai Shima ★★★★★ Takai ShimaTakai Shima ★★★★★ Mera & gogo worldMera & gogo world ★★★★★ Taty LamasTaty Lamas ★★★★★ PP2Harry KrausHarry Kraus ★★★★★ Elena PetrElena Petr ★★★★★ Τέλειο περιβάλλον!!! Αγαπώ την δουλειά μου!!!Houda MaherziHouda Maherzi ★★★★★ AlexisAlexis ★★★★★ AlexisAlexis ★★★★★ AlexisAlexis ★★★★★ Gitsa BasGitsa Bas ★★★★★ Σοφία ΧαρτοφύληΣοφία Χαρτοφύλη ★★★★★ Agata “Kalinda” SłonkaAgata “Kalinda” Słonka ★★★★★ Great place to work! Lovely garden with amazing Greek cats. You can relax in fantastic mood with fantastic people.Pouria KavianiPouria Kaviani ★★★★☆ Working there for almost 2 years, nice place to work and see people from all-around the world. It's more beautiful from outside than inside!Ειρηνη ΑγιασλαρηΕιρηνη Αγιασλαρη ★★★★★ Ένα χώρος εργασίας που σέβεται τον εργαζόμενο και του δίνει όλα τα εφόδια για να ανυπομονεί να πάει στη δουλειά του! Σας ευχαριστούμε 🙂Augusto Martinez ReyesAugusto Martinez Reyes ★★★★★ Nicolas GatosNicolas Gatos ★★★★☆ Good SupermarketKatia GeorgiouKatia Georgiou ★★★★★ Melina GounisMelina Gounis ★★★★★ Όμορφο περιβάλλον, σύγχρονο με complimentary ψιψινια να κάνετε παρέαMohannad KanaanMohannad Kanaan ★★★★★ Panos KabolisPanos Kabolis ★★★★☆ Abdou BarkatAbdou Barkat ★★★★★ The best in the fieldessam Mhammadessam Mhammad ★★★★☆ Proximus LtdProximus Ltd ★★★★★ Great place to work!!Giuliano LangiuGiuliano Langiu ★★★★★ P. E.P. E. ★★★★☆ P. E.P. E. ★★★★☆ Elena SmaginaElena Smagina ★★★★★ The best place for work for start living in Athens and learning languageMarie AlbriktsenMarie Albriktsen ★★★★★ Marie AlbriktsenMarie Albriktsen ★★★★★ Anastasia SpiliopoulouAnastasia Spiliopoulou ★★★★★ Tasos DamalasTasos Damalas ★★★★★ D OMD OM ★★★★★ Dare DevilDare Devil ★★★★★ Nice and cosy place, but very difficult and stressful place to workPedro RibeiroPedro Ribeiro ★★★★☆ Viv ZarlaxaViv Zarlaxa ★★★★★ Dimitrios KendakasDimitrios Kendakas ★★★★★ Xmorph420Xmorph420 ★★★★☆ Thomas KoliosThomas Kolios ★★★★★ Best work place and friendly peopleAlexandros PapaspyrouAlexandros Papaspyrou ★★★★★ Akeem Mobolaji GaniyuAkeem Mobolaji Ganiyu ★★★★★ I have worked here for 13 years since 2009. It has created a career path and opened the door to many opportunities. It's worth a try!!!Taty LamasTaty Lamas ★★★★☆ Greg AthensGreg Athens ★★★★★ Fotis AradasFotis Aradas ★★★★☆ Karl-Eerik OtstavelKarl-Eerik Otstavel ★★★★★ Akis KAkis K ★★★★★ Nice people, great facility. Very cool!!!TaGalilTaGalil ★★★★★ Rocio Goyeneche JazbecRocio Goyeneche Jazbec ★★★★★ MisterXMisterX ★★★★★ Alma MozgovajaAlma Mozgovaja ★★★★★ Jørgen BerthelsenJørgen Berthelsen ★★★★★ Excellent place 🙂Demetria KossyvasDemetria Kossyvas ★★★★★ Great place to work!Valentina PetrovicValentina Petrovic ★★★★★ My lovely company is the best working place!Panagiotis AntoniouPanagiotis Antoniou ★★★★★ js_loader

Teleperformance Thessaloniki

Great4.0 Based on 13 reviews from review us onLife StyleLife Style ★★★★★ Eugenie PomportsiEugenie Pomportsi ★★★★★ Massoud AymenMassoud Aymen ★★★★☆ Alex KoltsakisAlex Koltsakis ★★★★★ Alexander EisingaAlexander Eisinga ★★★★★ Proud to work for Teleperformance for the 3th timeMichail WillemseMichail Willemse ★★★★★ Akis KAkis K ★★★★★ A nice, cozy office with comfortable working areas and nice people.Jimis SgouJimis Sgou ★★★★★ Πολύ ωραίο περιβάλλον.Παναγιώτης ΖουμπόπουλοςΠαναγιώτης Ζουμπόπουλος ★★★★★ Customer Service at its best.Natasja SmitNatasja Smit ★★★★★ Nice place , new and clean.js_loader

Teleperformance Chania (Crete)

4.5 Based on 90 reviews from review us onJohan BarkJohan Bark ★★★★★ Sergio BencasterSergio Bencaster ★★★★☆ Location lavorativa ben organizzata con bar e palestragiorgos saravelakisgiorgos saravelakis ★★★★★ Andreas MikroutsikosAndreas Mikroutsikos ★★★★★ Eric KattanEric Kattan ★★★★★ Great place to work, transfer gets a little hot thoVesela SimaderVesela Simader ★★★★★ The place for all big city escapees looking for a job opportunity on the beautiful island of Crete!Vesela SimaderVesela Simader ★★★★★ The place for all big city escapees looking for a job opportunity on the beautiful island of Crete!vagelis chryssi tsigosvagelis chryssi tsigos ★★★★★ Federica ArpeFederica Arpe ★★★★★ Νίκος Μαθιουδάκης (Nikos Mathioudakis)Νίκος Μαθιουδάκης (Nikos Mathioudakis) ★★★★★ MANOLIS SaravelakisMANOLIS Saravelakis ★★★★★ Dominic WeberDominic Weber ★★★★★ Panagiotis AntoniouPanagiotis Antoniou ★★★★★ Androseli !Androseli ! ★★★★★ Love working here!Tgb DarkrengaTgb Darkrenga ★★★★★ Tobias LundbergTobias Lundberg ★★★★★ Amazing office, good collegesChristian Tobias LundbergChristian Tobias Lundberg ★★★★★ Good work placeMariela IvanovaMariela Ivanova ★★★★★ js_loader