13th January 2020

Redefining your career path – Make 2020 work for you!

Passing from one year to another isn’t exclusively about painting the town red and planning to squeeze a little more fitness into your busy days or finally making your dream trip a reality. Instead, it’s a great occasion to redefine and rethink your career path, focusing not only on where you’ve been, but where you hope to go.

In fact, experts note the opening weeks of the new year is an excellent time to start looking for a different occupation as candidates and recruiters come back to work reinvigorated after the holiday season. But with so many people thinking the same thing, what’s the best way to get ahead? Fast-track your way up the career ladder with the following tips.

Job hunting season starts now

Career advisors claim that the first quarter of the year is the most appropriate time to seek for a permanent job. Actually, these are the months that the vast majority of corporations can manage updated budgets and sales forecasts. Consequently, recruiters -in turn- gain a better understanding of their staffing needs and if they can make new hires.

However, this does not mean that you should start bombarding job sites. More specifically, when it comes to job search success, less is more. In other words, be selective and focus on applying for positions that really matter to you.
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Tell your story so far

According to a recent study, recruiters spend an average of 75 seconds looking at a candidate’s CV before deciding whether he or she is a fit for a job. In other words, you have less than two minutes to communicate your strengths and accomplishments to the potential employee effectively.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that a large proportion of CVs is discarded because of bad grammar and spelling. Considering this, you should avoid these costly mindless mistakes. Furthermore, a winning CV should have the ensuing features. In fact, its length should not exceed two pages, while the font size of the text should be at least 11.
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Your network is your net worth

It goes without saying that building and maintaining a community to support you regarding your professional goals is essential as you embark on your career path. As a rule of thumb, your network is the outcome of your actions, so you have to do more. Although online professional networks -such as LinkedIn- are an effective way to connect with the right people to progress in your career, you should follow a balanced mix of online and offline networking activities. The easy way is through participation in job fairs, networking events, and alumni associations.
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 Keep your social (media) image clean 

Social media profiles are considered at some point as an extension of our identities. Considering this, it comes as no surprise that 7 out of 10 employers make use of LinkedIn to filter candidates during the hiring process. Hence, it becomes apparent that you should spruce up your LinkedIn profile by demonstrating your academic and professional accomplishments as well as sharing articles relevant to your preferable industry. Additionally, make sure you have a professional picture with the proper lighting.
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