7th February 2020

4 Great Reasons to Live and Work Abroad 

Harry and Meghan’s royal relocation surprised the queen and the entire world — but makes a lot of sense. Check why moving abroad and starting over in a new country can be a smart move.

1 – Make a fresh start

It goes without saying that there is no better way to rebuild your personal brand from zero than relocating to a new country. In fact, all the new faces that you meet do not have a clue about your actual identity, your origin, your social status, your family situation, or your education level.

Truth be told, it is very likely that they couldn’t care less about your background. In other words, this is your big break to draw the ideal picture of yourself on this new blank canvas. In a nutshell, whatever you dream of, you directly have all the opportunities to search and accomplish it.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that moving to a foreign land signifies the need to set up new connections and personal networks. It seems like a challenging process at first. However, once you’ve done that, you become confident that you can do that all over again no matter where you go. It’s not strange anymore. You feel certain. You take a leap of faith in yourself.

2 – Your New Career Calling

Having an abroad working experience on your CV is going to boost your career development and may conceivably become a benchmark for employers when looking to promote or hire leaders in the future. In a world that is becoming more competitive, having international exposure might not end up being an exception, but the rule.

Additionally, it is widely accepted that working in another country is an expansion of one’s professional learning and development. For instance, mastering a new language can have a positive impact on your ability to climb the career ladder, especially if you think that 31% of international business executives are bilingual, according to a new study.

Last but not least, although networking with professionals overseas can take just a few clicks these days, a virtual relationship does not come close to the depth of quality in the connections you can build in-person in a foreign land.

3 – Get to know yourself better

Being away from home and living in another country means that you are instantly getting out of your usual comfort zone. In this new setting, you have to find the things that help you create a new comfort zone all by yourself. Actually, that means that you discover who you are from scratch, what you really want, what you really don’t like, without any distractions or judgments from friends, family, or coworkers. The unknown environment opens your eyes to new cultures and experiences from a completely different perspective. This makes you reconsider your perception of things, beliefs, norms, behavior, and values that were established as you were growing up. All these different points of view make you question everything and thus, get to know a bit more about yourself, your interests, your needs, and your desires.

4 – Flexibility becomes your new middle name

It’s a new country. It’s a new day. It’s a new life. In a foreign country, everyday routines can be very different, from the signs, the street rules, people’s manners, education, the health system, pop culture, the country’s history, and tradition, to the food and dietary habits, and the list gets bigger and bigger. Therefore, you have to be open-minded and receptive to changes because this will be a new beginning for you in many ways.

If you manage to do this, then you become invincible to change, fearless of being out of your comfort zone. You are never static; you always move, evolve, and learn more and more things about the world. The word “boring” sounds like Greek to you. The new you is now an exciting human being, always on the move to discover new things, to meet new people, to understand their mindsets and values. And then finally, you might want to move again, because you can’t just settle down in one place.

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