26th June 2023

Raising LGBTQI+ Awareness in the Workplace

At Teleperformance in Greece we are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive workplace for all our employees by leading by example. As part of our commitment, we organized a training session titled “Raising LGBTQI+ Awareness in the Workplace”, led by LGBTQI+ expert Katherine Reilly. This training was designed to empower us as advocates for equity, and inclusion within our organization and was particularly significant as we celebrate Pride Month.



Who is Katherine Reilly?

Kathrine Reilly at the Diversity and Inclusion: Raising LGBTQI+ Awareness in the WorkplaceBorn and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Katherine Reilly’s heart beats to the rhythm of education, particularly in English literature. Her journey, fueled by unwavering dedication and passion, has taken her to remarkable heights. She also is an LGBTQI+ Business Consultant, a humanitarian teacher, a visionary vice principal, a resounding radio producer, and an empowering public speaker.

In her role as an LGBTQI+ Business Consultant, Katherine dives into both public and private workspaces, igniting a revolution of inclusivity and diversity. With each training session, she breathes life into acceptance, creating spaces where everyone’s voice can be heard. Through her words, she paints a vivid tapestry of unity and acceptance, leaving an indelible mark on her listeners. Drawing on her own remarkable experiences, she guides, motivates, and empowers her audience, teaching them that their voices can shape the world around them.

Nurturing a supportive and Inclusive work environment

This training provided us with valuable insights and strategies that empowers us to foster an even more supportive work environment. By deepening our understanding of LGBTQI+ issues, we can collectively contribute to establishing a culture of respect, collaboration, and mutual appreciation among all employees.

Diversity and Inclusion - Raising LGBTQI+ Awareness in the Workplace

By cultivating understanding, support, and compassion, we aim to eliminate barriers and create a space where everyone feels valued and respected. To establish this kind of workplace, we are open to discussing, learning, and growing together to foster an environment in which all employees feel respected and safe to express themselves.

Our dedication to inclusion

In Greece, Teleperformance has embraced extensive policies and proudly is a member of the Diversity Charter. The company firmly believes that “each person matters” and strives to create a diverse and inclusive work environment that embraces everyone. By fostering a supportive and inviting atmosphere, we empower individuals to flourish and tap into their full potential.

Together we can build a future where inclusion knows no boundaries.