23rd June 2022

Diversity inspires our success!

We take pride in being a global leader in our industry and creating an “Οpen to all” workplace. With teams across the globe, we offer equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, and age. To create a work environment that fosters motivation and encourages all our employees to make the most of their talents and reach their potential, we have core values of diversity & inclusion.

Diversity_Charter_Greece_LogoAt Teleperformance Greece we constantly work on providing an environment where everyone feels respected! Under this scope, in 2019 we proudly signed the Diversity Charter, solemnly endorsing our progressive philosophy and respect for the uniqueness of everyone, offering equal opportunities without discrimination, stereotypes, and prejudice.

Learn more about TP Greece supporting the Diversity Charter Here !

Diversity in the workplace

Bringing together different styles of thinking and perspectives to work toward the success of a business. Here are four (4) ways a diverse team of employees can help inspire consistent creativity in the workplace:

  1. Innovation

We never want to stop learning and growing. Only by engaging with fresh viewpoints and concepts will we be able to be the best versions of ourselves. By highlighting and embracing differences, diversity promotes free-associative thinking, innovation, and a safer workplace.

Moreover, most employers understand that diversity is good for promoting innovation in the workplace, but they don’t understand why. However, thanks to a recent Harvard-funded survey, the impact that diversity has on innovation in the workplace is now measurable!


  1. Creativity

At TP Greece, we understand the importance of a diverse workforce to increase innovation and creativity within a company. We hold the belief that our people are the key to our success. Thus, we are committed to providing equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. A diversified workforce allows for more innovation to create ideas that will help us advance as a company. Divergent thinking makes conventional tasks easier by connecting two or more pieces of information to come up with new ideas. If every employee possesses a thought process unique to their own experiences, then the ideas generated will be as broad and diverse as the team itself.


  1. Empathy

We believe that a company is only as good as the people who make it up. In an effort to provide our clients with a better experience and higher-quality services, we are constantly looking to grow our diverse team!

For this reason, our diverse group of employees has a wide variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. They can empathize with customers and help any business thrive. If multiple groups feel marginalized, then this workshop can help make your environment more inclusive so that everyone feels welcomed and valued.


  1. Adaptability

We know that the behavior of consumers is constantly changing. Having a team that with different skills and experiences that can think creatively, is the only way to be prepared for unpredictable changes!

With a diverse group of employees, it is more likely to find new ways to adapt and modernize to meet customer needs. This allows for better decision-making and to handle unexpected issues, in a creative way, by having access to many different perspectives in one place.


A diverse team of employees can inspire consistent creativity, foster innovation, and solve problems that can benefit several industries.

Diversity is what makes us unique!