14th January 2019

7 Good Reasons for a European to Relocate for Work

More and more people of all ages tend to move out of their home country. Europe has turned into a continent of multicultural communities, bringing people from different nations together. Things have got even easier the recent years because of the freedom of movement for workers within the European Union, while, from the other side, the application process for a visa for the rest of the countries has largely been simplified.

Let’s see the benefits of relocating for work within Europe!

  1. Explore a new culture
    Europe’s rich history & culture marks the continent’s important uniqueness! Numerous nations form a mosaic of 44 countries, each one with its beauty. Relocating for work abroad gives someone the chance to explore a completely different culture, even if the largest distance by plane would be a maximum of 4 hours! It takes just over 3 and a half hours for a Swede to start exploring Athens! Amazing, isn’t it?
  2. Live like a lifelong tourist
    No matter how many times one has seen Acropolis, been for a walk in Trastevere of Roma, or took a selfie under Eiffel Tower, it always feels amazing visiting beautiful, picturesque or historical places like these! Just imagine having your after-work cocktail with the view of Acropolis!
  3. Taste a new cuisine
    Greek salad, Spanish paella, and Italian carbonara! Mediterranean cuisine is incomparable! What about enjoying a quick guilty pleasure during your work break? What about Greek souvlaki? Teleperformance Greece employees would agree!
  4. Enjoy a different weather
    Italians might miss the snow, Cypriots might miss the rain; Scandinavians and Germans, though, for sure would miss the Mediterranean sun! More and more people from northern Europe choose Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy to work and live. Interestingly enough, Athens has over 300 days of sun more than Stockholm!
  5. Benefit from a different way of thinking
    There is at least one stereotype for each nation in Europe. However, everyone can benefit from another way of thinking. Germans are said to be a very organized nation, while Greeks and Spaniards are said to be people that enjoy tranquility, and who like to have another nap. Acquiring good habits from different people can mean a nice shift in one’s life! Doesn’t it?
  6. Make a break
    As mentioned on the points above, living and relocating for work abroad would surely be a very interesting choice. Everyone should try this life-changing experience at some point, and who knows? Your life might change for good!
  7. Learn a new language
    German & Polish might be a bit tough to learn. It’s always interesting, though, learning a new language. It gives someone the ability to communicate with locals naturally. Trying to endorse this, Teleperformance Greece offers free Greek lessons to its employees! Let’s start with “Welcome to Greece” : Καλωσήρθες στην Ελλάδα..!