20th May 2022

Bee the change! Let’s #SaveTheBees

Many of the environmental challenges that we face endanger wild pollinators and bees leading to reducing their populations. In addition, food scarcity impacts bee or other pollinator populations as well. The bee population is also negatively affected by insecticides and pesticides that can be poisonous to various beneficial insects.

What are the Bees? 

The most common bees are yellow and black stripes. Thousands of bee workers Bees live in a hive with a queen and drones. Around the globe exist over 20,000 bee species, with 1.150 of them found in Greece. Some bee species are pollinators, and their role in nature is to pollinate plants so they can reproduce and produce more fruit! The pollination process assists plant reproduction as bees unconsciously transport pollen from flower to flower while collecting nectar (fruit juice). Around 1/3 of the world’s food growing results from pollination! So without pollination, we would have less food available with a limited dietary variety.

“Bee the change” campaign powered by TP Greece 

The United Nations established World Bee Day in December 2017 to raise awareness about bee protection, one of the most important pollinators that help us survive and reduce world hunger.

Inspired by the World Bee Day, we are implementing the “Bee the change” campaign in collaboration with “The Bee Camp”. To help the little pollinators come back to nature, we invite everyone to embrace this action! With the first rain of Autumn, we will carry out our Athens Seed Bombing Event.

We will gather to craft wildflower Seed Bombs and let them in urban green areas. The sun, rain, and soil will do the rest and create a more bee bee-friendly environment.


Let us present you The Bee Camp

The Bee Camp is Greece’s first organization dedicated to urban biodiversity conservation. Their mission is to inspire people to make cities better for themselves and pollinators! They care for nature in the face of a brighter future by holding workshops, educational activities, and awareness-raising events, as well as conservation and greening actions.

Since 2008, TP Greece has been implementing the global initiative “Citizen of the Planet” (COTP) to act in an environmentally friendly manner. On this basis, we collaborate with “The Bee Camp” to help the bees and other pollinators in the local ecosystem.


Stay Tuned for the upcoming Seed Bombing initiatives!