8th November 2022

Personality Traits & Teleperformance Values

Have you ever heard of the big 5 personality traits? 

Many modern personality psychologists believe that there are five fundamental dimensions of personality, dubbed the “Big 5” personality traits. These traits include conscientiousness, openness, extraversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness. Conscientiousness is associated with thoughtfulness, openness with creativity, extraversion with sociability, neuroticism with emotional instability, and agreeableness with kindness. 

Understanding each personality trait and what it means to score high or low in it can help you know your personality. It can also assist you in better understanding others based on where they fall on the spectrum for each listed personality trait.


Our mission and values represent how we think and act to achieve our goal: 

The best way to understand a company’s best traits, is by considering its values.

Teleperformance stands for integrity, respect, professionalism, innovation, and commitment.

Integrity is associated with harmony, respect with nurturing, professionalism with reliability and craftiness, innovation with renewing and dynamic and commitment with strength and stability. These values reflect our company’s mission of delivering an outstanding customer experience at every opportunity because of our commitment, passion, and dedication to excellence.

Taking our values into consideration, Teleperformance is high on conscientiousness, openness, extraversion, and agreeableness and low on neuroticism. This allows us to create opportunities and value for our employees, clients, customers, and shareholders.


Want to know your personality traits?

First, you should clear your mind and focus on what matters to you, what motivates you, and what your goals are. Then, just let the discussion take the test.

Personality Trait 1:
  • Are you happy to think about abstract concepts?        

Yes / No

  • Would you describe yourself as creative?

Yes / No

  • Are you open to trying new things? 

Yes / No

More Yes: You are high in openness and tend to have a broad range of interests. You are curious about the world and others, while you are eager to learn new things and enjoy new experiences.

More No: You are low in openness; you are more traditional and may struggle with abstract thinking, while you are less structured and a little disorganized.


Personality Trait 2:
  • Do you get upset easily? 

Yes / No

  • Would you say you are a relaxed person? 

Yes / No

  • Do you have frequent mood swings? 

Yes / No

More Yes: You are high in neuroticism; This means you tend to experience mood swings and irritability.

More No: You are low in neuroticism; this means that you tend to be more emotionally stable and resilient.


Personality Trait 3:
  • Are you willing to compromise your interests with others? 

Yes / No

  • Do you enjoy helping others?

Yes / No

  • Would you say that you empathize with others?

Yes / No

More Yes: You are high in agreeableness, which means that you show more affection, trust, and willingness to cooperate with others.

More No: You are low in agreeableness, which means you tend to be more competitive.


Personality Trait 4:
  • Do you feel energized when you are around people?

Yes / No

  • Would you describe yourself as outgoing? 

Yes / No

  • Do you speak a lot? 

More Yes: If you answered more yes, you are high in extraversion; you are outgoing and tend to gain energy in social situations.

More No: If you answered more no than yes, you are low in extraversion. This means you may have less energy to expend in social settings. In general, social events could make you feel drained.


Personality Trait 5:
  • Do you spend time preparing things?

Yes / No

  • Do you pay attention to detail?

Yes / No

  • Do you enjoy having a set schedule?

Yes / No

More Yes: High in conscientiousness, you are more careful and thoughtful in your daily tasks. You think about how your behavior affects others and you are mindful of deadlines.

More No: If you answered more no than yes, you are low in conscientiousness. This means you are less structured and tent to be disorganized. You may procrastinate to get things done, sometimes missing deadlines


We strive to create a culture that embraces everyone’s unique personality and encourages everyone to grow both personally and professionally. We believe that each person brings unique strengths and experiences to the team, therefore we work hard at making sure our team is diverse.