29th July 2022

Making our world a better place: Teleperformance Greece, DIMAND and Barphone donated four vehicles to the Hellenic Fire Department

One of the major threats of our age is the climate crisis. Devastating floods and massive fires are having a tragic impact on natural ecosystems and human communities. The protection of nature must be the primary focus of our actions at all levels. In the context of environmental protection, Teleperformance Greece, joined forces with DIMAND Real Estate Development and Barphone to support the Hellenic Fire Department by donating 4 fully equipped SUVs to cover its operational needs.

The partnership of the 3 companies aims to contribute to the critical work of the Hellenic Fire Department by enhancing its operational capabilities in urban and forest environments, as well as the work of the firefighters on the front line.



Responsibility and duty to protect the environment

The donation took place on July 26, 2022, at the Hellenic Fire Department in Attica. The CEO of Teleperformance Greece, Mr. Constantinos Hamalelis, the CEOs of DIMAND, Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos, and the CEO of Barphone Mr. Petros Therianos, as well as the Chief of Administrative Support of the Hellenic Fire Department, were all present.

Hellenic Fire Department,_CEO_ TPGreece,_Mr.Constantinos_Hamalelis_CEO_DIMAND__CEO_Barphone

Our CEO, Mr. Constantinos Hamalelis, thanked DIMAND and Barphone for the great cooperation, and stated: “It is certain that each of us has a responsibility and duty to protect the environment. It is certain that when we take initiatives in synergy, we are increasing our power, and the impact of our results is much greater. I am therefore particularly pleased that we are all here together today for this important cause, and I would like to assure you that Teleperformance Greece seeks in every way to participate in such great actions and activities, as these are a priority and key elements of the company’s strategy. At Teleperformance Greece, we undertake and implement actions aimed at protecting the environment, supporting society and vulnerable groups”.



Together, we can shape a better future for us all.