23rd June 2021

Teleperformance Greece & “Smile of the Child” join forces to save lives!

Solidarity is a key element of our corporate identity. It’s also of crucial importance when it comes to providing substantial help to the people who need it the most. Covid-19 has affected billions of people worldwide, including Greece and more specifically patients in need of blood transfusion.  

blood donation

Unfortunately, during the pandemic the blood donation monthly figures declined, leading to an emerging need for blood units across the country. This is where we decided to step in and take action by uniting our resources and effort with the NGO “Smile of the Child”! We decided to organize a series of blood donation events in selected locations across Greece, running for almost two months. More specifically, the locations were in Athens, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, and Crete.

And a life-saving journey around Greece began!


April marked the beginning of a truly heartfelt collaboration with “Smile of the Child” on an 8-week blood donation initiative. We set out to answer the urgent call of the National Health system in order to boost the blood donation frequency and save the lives of 1.200 patients.  

Blood Donation

During our first stop in Piraeus, more than 100 volunteers selflessly offered to donate life and become real-life heroes. 36% of the volunteers were proud members of the Teleperformance family! We managed to gather 91 blood units while following all the protective measures against Covid-19. 

After Piraeus, we made three stops in Crete where we managed to gather 152 blood units. More than 170 volunteers joined us to offer the great gift of life. 

Our next stops were Mikrolimano, Palaio Faliro & Moschato where many selfless volunteers joined forces with us in this battle to increase the National Health system’s blood banks. 

Our journey came to an end in Thessaloniki where we reached a grand total of 314 blood units! Almost 400 volunteers during our 8 blood donation stops around Greece with “Odysseas”, the Mobile Laboratory!  


United we can make a difference!

blood donation


This life-saving initiative served its purpose by contributing to 1.200 patients across different locations within the country. It also highlighted to us that when we come together, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of our people and thrive. Solidarity and unity towards life brought more than 380 people into the mobile laboratory and saved lives.  

We want to wholeheartedly thank all of the volunteers who contributed to our initiative and responded to our call. We also couldn’t have made it without the people who put in great effort so that this joint initiative came to life and we could actually make each blood cell matter.