2nd May 2024

Great Adventure of Egg Hunt at Teleperformance Greece

Teleperformance set aside the usual routines and orchestrated a unique experience that blends treasure hunting with fun for its employees! Just like last year, our teams in Athens, Chania, and Thessaloniki embarked on a thrilling adventure, a quest to uncover hidden treasures within our offices – the Egg Hunt!

The Egg Hunt

Throughout the Egg Hunt, our offices were bursting with joy and color. During breaks, you could spot faces alight with excitement and curiosity, eagerly anticipating their next discovery. The air buzzed with enthusiasm and optimism as they embraced the challenge with childlike wonder.

As our employees searched for the vibrant eggs cleverly concealed in every nook and cranny, they explored corners of our buildings they had previously overlooked, letting their inner child run wild. And for those experiencing the Egg Hunt for the first time, the thrill was magnified.

The TP Treasure

The fortunate few who stumbled upon one of these hidden eggs were treated to sweets rewards, a TP mug for their favorite beverage and some chocolate eggs! These delightful chocolate eggs added an extra layer of pleasure and sweetened our adventure both visually and metaphorically.

In sharing this experience together, we felt a collective sense of nostalgia, momentarily transported back to our childhoods as we created cherished memories with one another.