14th February 2024

Our 1st Blood Donation Initiative for 2024

On Valentine’s Day, Teleperformance in Greece once again demonstrated its commitment to community well-being. Our company’s ethos, founded on compassion, is exemplified by our blood donation initiatives. We decided to show our love for almost a week from February 13-16 by hosting our first blood donation of the year.

Discover more about our blood donation initiatives.

Love in action

As proof of our commitment to social responsibility, we regularly run blood donation drives. The act of preserving life is the most profound expression of love since actions speak louder than words. In collaboration with Evangelismos Hospital, this blood donation initiative continues our long-standing commitment to community welfare.

A Small Act That Speaks Volumes

Taking part in the event provided our employees with a chance to demonstrate their solidarity and social sensitivity. The blood drive also provided an opportunity for our employees to give back to their community. All in all, the blood drive was a great success, and our employees were proud to be a part of it.

TP-Employes-donating -blood-on-February-13th-at-our-premises-in-Pirea
Chocolates and props for participants.

To show our appreciation, we provided tokens of appreciation to those who participated in our blood donation campaign. Chocolates, a symbol of the sweetness their contribution brings to the lives of those in need, and props for their tags to be presented as a small acknowledgment of their selfless act.

The Best Way to Show Your Love

As we express our deepest gratitude to all participants, we look forward to continuing this noble tradition and making a meaningful contribution to our community.