30th October 2019

5th European Leader Insights Forum

In the age of the Experience Economy, how do you transform a vision into a colorful, exciting world that customers and visitors can move through, touch and enjoy?
Moreover, how do you transform data into action across all lines of business – driving process automation and innovation, delivering exceptional experiences?

These were just a few of the topics discussed during the 5th European Leader Insights Forum hosted by Teleperformance. The event took place on October 23 – 25 in Disneyland Paris in a full house with a diverse group of delegates from over 30 countries.
A community of restless minds joined to explore their passion for customer experience (CX) in a place where the customer experience is at the heart of everything they do – Disneyland® Paris.

A big “thank you” to our speakers for their insightful keynotes:

  • Shep Hyken, a bestselling author and renowned CX expert
  • Laurent Cayuela, an Imagineer at Walt Disney® Imagineering Creative Paris
  • James Dodkins, a bestselling author and CX Rockstar
  • Danielle Macleod, Co-Founder at Remarkable Women
  • Steven Van Belleghem, bestselling author of ‘When Digital Becomes Human’
  • Paroma Sen, Global Director Industries Marketing at SAP Customer Experience

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The Teleperformance Leader Insights Forum (LIF) is a two-day invitation-only event that has already visited Berlin, Amsterdam, Dubai, Dublin, and Barcelona. Join us next time from another European city.