For Fun Festival



Inspiring Passion

The happiness of our employees at work is Teleperformance’s main goal. That is why we organize themed parties for them every year.

We want our people to be inspired and motivated. We want them to feel proud to belong to our team, that’s why we invest so much in our programs, relationship initiatives, and internal campaigns. We work hard to create the best place for them.

Teleperformance For
Fun Festival

Every year, Teleperformance’s For Fun Festival (FFF) becomes a worldwide stage that brings our people and their loved ones together in the spirit of fun and competition.

Since 2008 Teleperformance nurtures the skills of the employees beyond the halls of the workplace, and lets them shine in their own ways. An annual event, FFF paves the way for our people to become stars, be it through art, music, photography, and dance.

As a people company, we truly value our people’s individuality and their need to let loose and have fun. Our For Fun Festival gives us a chance for us to celebrate our people and their talents, and it also serves as a way for us to highlight our different nationalities and cultures.

We are opening the doors to differentiation to everyone by creating a diversity celebration through which people can go through a journey to different cultures through tastes, music, dances and arts. FFF is a festival of traditions and colors from all over the world promoting strong values of respect and inclusion.

Short Film519

The 2017 For Fun Festival saw the introduction of two new categories: photography and short film. There were a total of almost 5,000 submissions across all categories.