I’m a Teleperformance Greece employee. How can I refer a friend? Which are the steps?

Can I refer a person that is unaware of my action?

Absolutely not. The person you refer has to be fully aware that he/she is being referred by you. Please make sure that you have the consent of the person you refer.

When I’m contacting someone in order to refer him/her, can I introduce myself as an HR employee or as a Recruiter?

Absolutely not. Under no circumstance you can ever contact the person you refer by falsely presenting yourself as a Teleperformance Recruiter or any HR employee. You should never deceive a person.

I cannot upload my friend's CV.

If you experience difficulties in uploading your friend’s CV, you can please contact the Referrals HR team directly on this e-mail address: [email protected] , providing your CCMS I.D and the name & email of your friend.

The referral CV can not be uploaded. Can I send it to HR?

You can only upload your friends’ CVs via the platform. In case you have trouble uploading, please reassure you are using an alternative browser. In some cases, Internet Explorer/Edge seems to be experiencing difficulties on uploading CV files. Please also try using a PC/laptop instead of a mobile device. If you still have trouble, please contact us at [email protected]

How many candidates can I refer?

You can refer as many candidates you wish. Your help is much appreciated.

Is an employee referral valid for all possible vacancies and positions?

An applicant’s profile may be potential for multiple vacancies. Once the referral process has been completed, the profile is evaluated from the HR department based on the ongoing demands.

I referred someone for Language 1, but was hired Language 2. How does this affect my referral bonus?

You are eligible to receive a bonus relevant to the language/position for which your referral is eventually hired. For example, if you proposed someone  for French but gets hired for an Arabic speaking position you will receive the bonus for Arabic speaking referrals.

I have referred someone but no one has contacted him/her. What has happened? What can I do?

In order to contact an employee, we need to have your friends’ precise contact details (full name, phone, email), his/her CV and the language they are applying for.

Our teams contact your referrals in priority. They are being contacted depending on the language needs of the company. Please also be informed that our database consists of thousands of CVs, so it might take some time in order for your referral to be called. If you feel that it’s been a long time since your referral is not contacted, you can do two things:

  1. Contact your referrals and check with them if they have missed any calls, or if they have received any emails by us.
  2. If not, then you can send a reminder to our team about your uncontacted referrals. But first, please liaise with your friends and make sure they haven’t missed a communication.

Can I upload a referral more than once with different contact details?

No, please do not this. This makes recruiting job more difficult and the chances for that CV to be placed under another source are getting more.

When will I receive an update on my referrals?

You can track your referrals status by entering the “Referrals” section on your referral area. Occasionally a candidate may reside on the pool for a certain time period before advancing on the evaluation stage.

Once the candidate is evaluated he/she will either proceed with a hire or will be rejected. Both updates are immediately made visible on the accounts statistics section.

When will I be paid?

Please check details and examples in the latest referrals communication you have received.

What do you mean “eligible for these dates”?

The candidate that you refer must have signed the contract on the 5th day of training. After that date, a 90 days period must pass in order for you to be eligible to receive the bonus. On the 90th day, both you and your friend have to be active employees of the company.

In case the referral bonus is delivered in monthly installments, eligibility dates are the 30th, 60th and 90th day after your referral’s hiring day.

Example: If your referral is hired in 10 February, this means that on 10 March the first month will be completed. So, you will be receiving the first part of your bonus with March’s salary, which is delivered in April.

What if I leave the company before the eligibility date?

Unfortunately you will not be eligible for the referral bonus.

What if my friend leaves the company before the eligibility date?

Unfortunately you will not be eligible for the referral bonus.

I have referred someone, he/she got hired, but I haven’t received my payment, why?

Referral bonus payments are made with or after the payment of the corresponding salary. For more information please contact [email protected]

Can I choose on how to receive the bonus? Eg. Preferred cash

We are afraid you cannot. The method of payment may change at any time, without prior notice. All referral CV bonuses will be delivered according to the company’s policy. Methods of payment may be a bonus added to the monthly salary, via a special card, etc. The method of payment may change at any time, without prior notice. Please note that all amounts are gross.

I’m an ACM, Supervisor, Trainer, QA, Administrator, WFM, Administrative Staff in the company. Am I eligible to receive a referral bonus?

Yes, you are. All personnel (excluding HR employees) up to the ACM level can receive a referral bonus.

How do I reactivate my password/Forget password?

Should you lose/forget your password or credentials, click on the “Lost your password” section underneath your “Login to your account section”. Follow the steps and a validation e-mail will be sent directly to your account holders mail.