20th June 2024

Teleperformance Greece Partners with Aegean Rebreath for Environmental Webinar

In May 2024, Teleperformance in Greece took a significant step towards environmental sustainability by partnering with Aegean Rebreath. With this collaboration, the dynamic Water Alliance was formed, which aims to reduce environmental impact, protect biodiversity, and promote energy conservation. As part of our corporate social responsibility commitment, we hosted a webinar to educate our employees on the importance of Posidonia and the “Do Not Disturb” program.

Introducing the “Do Not Disturb” Program

TP employees attended an interesting webinar.  As the session progressed, the spotlight shifted to our new collaborative initiative with Aegean Rebreath — the “Do Not Disturb” program. The program was designed to protect Posidonia’s meadows and promote sustainable practices. The webinar brought to life the potential for positive change, sparking a sense of responsibility and empowerment among the audience.

Understanding the Importance of Posidonia

Posidonia OceanicaThis webinar started with a vivid demonstration of the beauty and ecological importance of Posidonia. Through this narrative, employees were transported beneath the waves, gaining a deep appreciation for the lush underwater landscapes that many never knew existed.

Posidonia, also known as Neptune Grass, plays a crucial role in marine ecosystems. It provides habitat for marine life, helps with carbon sequestration, and protects coastlines from erosion. Unfortunately, the Posidonia meadows are under threat due to human activities and environmental changes.


The Water Alliance

The Water Alliance was part of Teleperformance’s broader environmental initiative through the Citizen of the Planet (COTP) program. This program underscored our commitment to sustainable development and encouraged our global workforce to engage in eco-friendly practices.

Why sustainability matters

Teleperformance CSR Initiative Do not Disturb with Aegean RebreathSustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity. As a global leader in customer experience management, Teleperformance recognizes the importance of integrating sustainable practices into our operations. Our partnership with Aegean Rebreath and the formation of the Water Alliance reflect our dedication to creating a positive environmental impact.

This webinar provided participants with valuable knowledge about marine ecosystems and actionable tips for supporting conservation. A heartfelt call to action concluded the session, urging everyone to take care of the environment. The collective enthusiasm and commitment were palpable, signaling a promising start to a more sustainable future.

Reflecting on the journey

The webinar was more than an educational session; it was a journey that connected employees to the heart of nature’s underwater treasures. The facts and the shared vision of a sustainable world resonated deeply with everyone involved.

We invite you to reflect on this journey and continue supporting our environmental initiatives with us. Join our team!