World CleanUp Day 2022

Teleperformance and the Environment

With the motto “Green is the new black“, Teleperformance aims to further highlight the importance of environmental issues that increases over the years and affect us all, directly or not.


The “green lungs” of our planet are getting smaller and smaller and need care. Thus, one of our main priorities is to make our community even more sustainable and friendly for everyone. In this context, we have established a long-lasting collaboration with We4All with the aim to protect the environment and nature in different ways. Since 2021, we have planted more than 3.000 tree seedlings in Attica region.

Teleperformance is committed to minimizing negative environmental impacts through sustainable initiatives. Aiming to reduce our carbon footprint and make every effort to create a more sustainable planet for future generations. We operate under the philosophy that every person has a responsibility to contribute to the planet’s health, so we developed the “Citizen of the Planet (COTP)”, a global corporate initiative that aims at ensuring that our operations are environmentally friendly and responsible.

What is the World CleanUp Day 2022?


World Cleanup Day (WCD) is a global event that sees cities and communities all over the world hosting cleanups and raising awareness about the importance of keeping our planet clean. For one day, the participants join forces to promote sustainability and stronger environmental education for future generations. This year’s World Cleanup Day will take place on September 17th, 2022.

On the occasion of the “Word Clean Up Day 2022”, another jointly organized initiative will take place in one of the most important groves of Athens, the so-called ‘Alsos Ilision’. We will get together on Saturday, September 17, 2022, at 10:00 am and start taking action to clean up the grove with dedication and commitment. The whole activity will last around two hours, during which, we will remove everything that has no place in the park: bags, bottles, plastics, and trash. We will hand it over as it should be: squeaky-clean!

Children, cousins, grandmas, grandpas, relatives, friend, and everyone who wishes to make their contribution is welcome to join our volunteer initiative!

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We4All’s purpose is to help the planet heal itself and remind people that earth is our only home so that everyone gets a move on before it is too late. Their goal is to raise environmental awareness and mobilize schools, companies, and volunteers through their actions. They organize activities that include tree planting initiatives, environmental trainings, forest land protection and preservation.

How to join the Clean Up Day 2022 initiative in social media

  • #NationalCleanUpDay is about the program to clean the litter from public waterways and spaces like parks.
  • Use #Plogging to talk about any activity which involves litter collection from the public space.
  • Use #trashtag if you want to show the difference between before and after #Plogging!

Where is Astir Lato


Astir Lato is located in the heart of Athens at Turkovunia Hill, in Galatsi. It is on the small narrow road that connects the area of Galatsi to Paleo Psychiko. Although the old quarry of ASTIR LATO S.A., has a wonderful view to Athens, Piraeus and even Aegina, it is unfortunately neglected, as there are piles of dry leaves, pine needles, and pinecones, which constitute a fire hazard, as well as a lot of rubbish.

Environmental protection and nature care will always be a top priority for us. Our goal is to actively become part of the solution and prove our commitment to creating a better and more sustainable future.

#Plogging can be as easy as gaming!

Try your luck and skill in our game, trying to collect as many litter as possible!

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